Accessibility Surveys

We provide several types of accessibility surveys, such as:

  • Section 508 compliant according to the "Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973"
  • Americans With Disabilities (ADA)
  • Residential Accessibility
  • Commercial Accessibility
  • Workplace Accessibility

Training Services

We provide training courses throughout the United States to a variety of licensed and certified healthcare professionals and case managers on Safe Patient Handling Techniques that offers two (2) Continuing Education Unit credits.  The training focuses on safe patient transfers and lifting techniques, and the assisted equipment utilized to lift and transfer patients.  We have taught over 4,000 professionals in various healthcare industries and allied health professionals, such as Occupational and Physicals Therapists, Registered Nurses, Certified Nurse’s Aides, Case Managers, Guardians, and Social Workers.

Below are some of the various training courses we provide:

  • Environmental Accessibility – Home Modifications & Assistive Technology Solutions in a Residential Setting
  • Home Modification Safety Checklist
  • Safe Proofing Your Home
  • Home Modification and the Assessment Process
  • Care Giving Through Community Resources
  • Assistive Technology for Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Assistive Technology and Injury Prevention

Speaking Engagements and Presentations

We speak and conduct presentations at a variety of university classes, local, state, and national conferences, workshops, advocacy groups, seminars, and meetings on a various topics, such as home design and construction for safe accessibility, environmental adaptations, assistive technology solutions for independent living, products and programs, device application and services, disability resources, environmental and assistive technology assessments, safety and design applications, ergonomic design in the workplace, the Fair Housing Act, consumer advocacy, and laws governing the disabled. 

We conduct hands-on presentations where actual devices are demonstrated and informative PowerPoint presentations that range from client success stories to technical subjects, such as the American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and Fair Housing Act building requirements.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to clients such as private care facilities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, healthcare providers, Bank Trust Departments, local city, county and state government organizations, and private individuals.

We also provide consultation and marketing services, business development and sales for healthcare and medical equipment companies.

Expert Witness

We work with law firms and trust divisions of financial institutions, and provide services as an expert witness and consultant in the field of environmental accessibility, assistive technology, and home modifications. Some of the services provided are as follows:

  • Review and analyze correspondence, evidence, records, and documents
  • Prepare detailed case summaries and reports
  • Attend conferences, depositions, and hearings
  • Give trial testimony