Environmental Accessibility Adaptations – Assessments (Medwaiver)

Housing and Assistive Technology, Inc. (HAT) provides an environmental accessibility adaptation assessments of the client's home, which services are required and documented in the recipient's support plan, and is medically necessary to avoid institutional placement of the recipient, and enable him/her to function with greater independence in their home. The assessment will address assistive technology solutions that may also be needed in addition to a home adaptation. Please contact us to obtain complete information on the Medwaiver Program relating to environmental accessibility adaptations – assessments.

Vendor Number - Federal I.D. #: F04-3777501
Medicaid Waiver Provider #: F04-3777501001
CDC+ Vendor #: 010740
HCBS Provider #: 686887896 - Home & Community Based Waiver – S5165U6SC
HSCB Provider #: 686887898 - Family/Supported Living Waiver – S5165U9SC
Provider Code: Environmental Accessibility Adaptations – S5165SC

Description of an Environmental Accessibility Adaptation (EAA) Assessment

  • Phone consultation with client, Support Coordinator, family member, guardian, supervisor or manager.
  • Conduct on-site assessment to address individual(s) accessibility needs or compliance with accessibility standards. Include a discussion and review to determine viable interior and exterior accessibility interventions.
  • A team approach is taken to determine the home modifications and assistive technology solutions based upon the medical necessity, home or vehicle design, and need for improved access for greater independence and safety for the client being served.
  • Complete EAA Written Report with associated CAD drawings and pictures.
  • A written narrative report itemizing all findings of the on-site assessment and follow-up discussions.
  • Computer Assisted Drawings (CAD), if appropriate, would include an existing and proposed floor plan to illustrate an Environmental Accessibility Adaptation (EAA). 
  • Construction and vendor Bid Review is provided automatically. However, it is optional and upon approval from the Support Coordinator, the HAT Project Manager will review up to three (3) bids in a bid review analysis.
  • A final inspection walk-thru is based upon the type of service authorization from the Support Coordinator.
  • Addendums or changes are provided automatically, if required, up to one hour of the services. Provide written or verbal additional information, addendum or changes to the original assessment narrative report or perspective drawings. The report is valid for one year.                                                                              
  • Vehicle and lift modification specification assessments can be provided for clients/families purchasing and/or clients/families that own a vehicle and are in need of a vehicle lift system.