Home Modifications – Private

Housing and Assistive Technology, Inc. (HAT) provides home modifications for private clients with disabilities and seniors. Below is an overview of the services provided by HAT. For more information, please contact us.

Complete on-site environmental assessment walk-thru using a full review and checklist inspection. The assessment will include a review of the entire home (all rooms and spaces utilized by the client). Other interior and exterior areas of the home for accessibility and health and safety concerns will be reviewed.

The assessment will also include the need and or determination of the home's appropriateness for the client's needs based on his medical necessity, and his care giving needs will be included as part of this assessment.

The review of the property will address the needs for and/or installation of Assistive Technology (AT, custom design solution and durable medical equipment (DME) to meet client's need for greater access and independence. This includes meeting with the client and family.

The assessment focuses on the walk-thru that will address the removal of architectural barriers, home modifications, design and construction for those areas needing greater accessibility, products and home adaptations.

Cost Analysis will be provided with the report findings, and the total costs of the renovations will be itemized.

Complete a written report of the findings from onsite visit and items discussed and reviewed within the medical history and Life Care Plan provided, and with the client and care-givers/family. The detailed report will include the scope of work, and report write-up with a cost analysis of work required. The report will itemize all of the findings per section of the home's existing and proposed accessible design required, and the rooms and spaces both interior and exterior. Pictures of each area will be provided. A sketch or drawing of the home depicting the floor plan and layout will be provided.

The report will itemize in sections all of the home modifications, construction repairs-modifications, required appliances, fixtures, finishes and list all of the accessible design, assistive technology (AT)/durable medical equipment (DME) and construction features required for accessibility, health and safety of the home to meet the client's specific needs for full accessibility and safety in his environment.

The work includes discussions, review of medical, life care documents, on-site inspection, meeting and discussion with client, attorney (if applicable), research of product and design all of the reproduction costs. A report will be completed to include the use of an architect or draftsman to assist in any reproduction or floor plan work drawings.

The completed report and all of the findings and the cost analysis will be placed in a notebook, sub-divided into the sections as described above using pictures, product descriptions of any required Assistive Technology-DME, accessibility and home design features and a floor plan of the entire interior and exterior of the home. This report can be used and reproduced for expert witness testimony, if needed.

Other services are available, such as assisting with both existing and/or new construction case management, existing and/or new design and construction assistance, assistive technology product recommendation, application and implementation, deposition and expert testimony related to the consultation home accessibility services performed.