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At HAT, making homes and workplaces safer and more accessible is what we’re all about. We are here to help you improve the accessibility of your home in order to maximize independence for seniors and those living with disabilities. With more than 25 years of experience, we have the expertise needed to deliver proven results for each of your needs.

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Since 2003, Housing and Assistive Technology, Inc. has offered leading environmental accessibility assessment services for homes and business owners throughout the state of Florida. By working with us, you’ll better understand any ADA disabled-accessible home requirements you are either meeting or not quite meeting, and we’ll help you uncover areas for improvement in the interior and exterior parts of your building or home. Our goal is to provide you with the answers you need to meet any and all ADA compliance regulations. Speak with us today to request our assistance at your location.

Discover areas for improvement at your home or business when you request an assessment from our team. We perform a walk-thru to address existing barriers and modification options for those areas needing greater accessibility, products and home adaptations.

This service includes a full written report with findings and recommendations. Cost Analysis (pricing) will be provided with the report findings, and the total costs of the renovations will be itemized. We take the time to detail the proper plan to be put in place to fit your specific needs. This report can be used by architects and contractors during the building process.

Address all problem areas and assistive technology solutions with our assessments. Please contact us to obtain complete information on the Medwaiver Program relating to environmental accessibility adaptations – assessments. As part of this service, we complete the following assessment steps:

  1. Phone Consultation
  2. On-Site Assessment: includes Discussion and Review of Any Issues
  3. Team Approach to Determine Ideal Home Modifications and Assistive Technology Solutions
  4. Complete EAA Written Report with Associated CAD Drawings and Pictures
  5. Written Report Itemizing All Findings of the on-Site Assessment and Follow-up Discussions
  6. Computer Assisted Drawings with Existing and Proposed Floor Plans
  7. Construction and Vendor Bid Review (Provided Automatically) of up to 3 Bids
  8. Final Inspection
  9. Vehicle and ramp lifts/lift modification specification assessments can be provided for clients/families purchasing and/or clients/families that own a vehicle and are in need of a vehicle lift or tie down system.

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Housing and Assistive Technology, Inc. (HAT) provides assistive technology assessments and solutions for persons with disabilities and seniors, with an emphasis on individuals with visual, cognitive, physical, mobility impairments and other medical conditions. HAT conducts home or business assessments and modifications, and applies assistive technology and barrier-free solutions to ensure maximum independence. The solutions focus on the individual's own home or business environments in both a multi-family dwelling (condominium/town homes), as well as single family home.

Please contact us for details on conducting an assistive technology assessment and solutions that would best suit your needs.

Currently providing Services in Various Broward Cities:

  • Home Inspections-Residential Rehabilitation-Home Repair Programs – Numerous Broward Cities
  • Home Inspections-Accessibility Home Repair Projects – Numerous Broward Cities
  • Environmental Accessibility Assessment Services
  • Barrier removal and home modifications
  • After a referral from City or Cities Representative review the Lead Base Paint report provided. (If lead is found this will be identified in bid specification report and checklist along with the proper measures for remediation).
  • Review Lead-Based Paint reports for mitigation as needed
  • Conduct Onsite Initial Housing Inspection using and completing the Inspection (HQS) Standards-to be followed and a Checklist Reports as Required by HUD and the respective Cities
  • Review the mold report and incorporate all findings and any remediation required into the Bid Specification Report
  • For seniors and disabled homeowners identify architectural barrier-removal
  • Review code violations and permits completed on a property to determine deficiencies
  • Identify Failure and/or housing quality stands (HQS) Deficiencies provided by HUD in a home and document any required corrective action to take place
  • Complete Scope of Work (Work Write-Up) or Bid Specification
  • The scope of work will include the Cost Estimates and Analysis of Work to be completed per home
  • Provide the completed report for review and approval to the city or the cities representative – once approved. Complete all paperwork for the program.
  • Take before photos matching the line items needing repairs
  • Meet with the homeowner for review and approval by the owner and or other representatives
  • Send out A Pre-Bid Mandatory Notice to all approved list of County-City Approved Contractors
  • Prepare a sign in sheet for Pre-Bid Meeting of all contractors in attendance – this will be provided to the City-County with all the required paperwork
  • Review the Scope of Work and answer any and all questions at the pre-bid meeting with contractors – walk through the entire project
  • If changes occur at pre-bid meeting issue an addendum to Scope of Work to all Contractors in Attendance and copy the city-county and its Representative
  • Complete interim inspections as required up to two or more and as needed
  • Conduct a final inspection after all work is finalized (Certificate of Completion from the building department is provided) and the work is completed
  • All incomplete inspections done as finals may require a punch out list of work needed to be completed by the contractor
  • A final inspection report – Final Invoice Package and two sets of pictures will be submitted
  • If required provide Conflict Resolution with Homeowner and General Contractor
  • Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program (HPLM) project management experience.

Other Services: identify problem spots and ensure you are in ADA compliance by undergoing a home inspection. Our company provides accessibility inspection and recommendation services for buildings throughout the state. These surveys include the following:

  • Americans With Disabilities (ADA)
  • Residential Accessibility
  • Commercial Accessibility
  • Workplace Accessibility

Receive guidance for your accessibility needs by reaching out to us for our consulting services. We proudly provide consulting services to clients in private care facilities, hospitals, county and state government organizations, and private individuals. Our team is also available to deliver consulting and marketing solutions for healthcare and medical equipment companies.

Expert Witness

Are you looking for an expert witness for litigation needs? We work with law firms and trust divisions of financial institutions to provide services as an expert witness and consultant in the field of environmental accessibility, assistive technology, and home modifications. Our service options include:

  • Reviewing and Analyzing Correspondence, Evidence, Records, and Documents
  • Preparing Detailed Case Summaries and Reports
  • Attending Conferences, Depositions, and Hearings
  • Giving Trial Testimony

Choose the right addition to your home or business. HAT partners with a variety of companies to provide products, services, and assistive technology solutions. Some of these handicap accessible products include:

  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Safety and secure lock systems for doors and windows
  • Safety flooring and wall systems
  • Bath and Shower Safety Bars, Railings, and Pivot Poles
  • Bath and Shower Systems
  • Roll-in Shower Chairs
  • Stairlift Chairs
  • Camera, Video, and Alarm Systems
  • Environmental Controls: Handheld Communicators, Controls for Radio, Television, Computers, and Appliances
  • Power Wheelchairs, Scooters
  • All Types of Ramps - portable, and permanent
  • Lifts: Over-head Ceiling Lift and Transfer System, Floor or Free-standing Lift and Transfer Systems, Vehicle, Stairs, Pool, and Vertical Platform Lifts, and Elevators

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CONTACT us in Miami, Florida to work with our company for your service needs.  Our team offers options throughout the state.  We can also assist you with your home or projects by: skype, video conferencing, face time, voice conference and email anywhere in the USA or World Wide.